Mature Oon's VIP Client Information: 46 year old Bangkok escort.

Escort VIP Program

There are currently 48 escorts in the VIP area. 27 of those are listed on the Friend's page of this site. 21 more escorts are only available to VIP clients.

There are currently 5 out of 2,966 VIP clients currently active inside the VIP area at this moment.

  • Priority email support:
    • I get A LOT of emails and while I generally do answer all in a timely manner, VIPs get their emails answered first before other emails.
  • Unlimited support:
    • I limit the amount of emails for non-VIPs as I know some people just want to talk and have much more time on their hands than I do.  I am very busy and need to support my serious clients.  If you want to meet me, just complete the booking form.  If you want to talk a lot, consider joining the VIP program if you are serious.
  • Get taken seriously:
    • I try to take all potential clients seriously, but unfortunately there are a lot of people out there with just too much time on their hands who just want to waste my time.  Don't get insulted but it's impossible for me to tell apart those who are serious from those who are not unless they are VIPs.  Hello, I'm CEO of Fortune 500 XYZ company...  Ok, then joining the VIP program should be NO problem for you!
  • Priority Booking:
    • I sometimes have several booking forms for the same day.  VIPs get first choice even if someone else has been confirmed.
    • If I am not available because it's my day off, I may agree to see a VIP as we try to treat the VIPs very special.
    • If a I am scheduled with another client who is 'not' a VIP, the VIPs booking takes priority even if sent after the regular clients booking request. Be warned, this does happen sometimes.
  • Further Advanced Bookings:
    • Regular clients are limited to a maximum of 1 month advance bookings, but VIP clients can book up to 2 months ahead to get first chance at scheduling before the regular clients are allowed.
  • VIP Only Girls:
    • There currently are a total of of my friends listed on my Friends page. A total of are listed inside the VIP area as are only listed inside the VIP area and available only to VIP clients.
  • Discounted Rates:
    • Some of us have discounted rates which are ONLY available for VIPs.  I never, ever negotiate rates so what is displayed is what ALL clients pay, but if you are a VIP those rates which are displayed inside the VIP area may or may not be significantly less.  It sometimes pays to become a VIP!  However, I warn clients NOT to join simply for discounted rates as not all of us have discounted rates and the amounts of discounts vary.  Many only offer this as a 'bonus' to VIPs, not as a reason to become one.
  • Guaranteed booking:
    • Once I have confirmed your booking request, you can rest assured I won't cancel unless a real emergency which is unlikely to happen.  If I cancel for an emergency, your VIP fee is returned or you may choose to select another girl--your choice from the Friends page.
  • Airport Greeting:
    • If desired, the I will greet you at the airport when you arrive.  Regular clients can only request a hotel meeting.
  • Extended hours for meeting:
    • I will meet you at any time you want... 09:00 morning?  02:00 morning?  Usually not a problem for VIPs.  Regular clients are usually limited to initial meetings after 12:00 noon and until 24:00 midnight unless they are already checked into their room and I can verify the room during regular hours.  So, normally before noon and after midnight the I probably won't agree to meet you for initial meetings unless you are a VIP.
  • Incall:
    • I only do out-call, but for VIPs I will arrange in-call (you pay for the room when you meet me though.  I can check into a hotel and be there waiting for you).
  • Change Girls:
    • If you've scheduled me and later see another girl on my Friends page and would like to change, no problem.  I will take care of it and I guarantee I will not be upset.  New friends are often being added so this is a nice option to have.  Only VIPs get this change at anytime option.
  • Free Cancellations:
    • I don't like cancellations for any reason and thus I request 1,000 baht cancellation fees, per scheduled booking or day from clients if they cancel.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Even if you cancel because you 'got sick' or your 'mother is sick' or 'boss cancelled your trip' I haven't heard those lines 100+ times already!  VIPs can cancel 'because of any reason' without any problem--you won't be requested to pay anything.  If you are a VIP and I make a mistake and send our standard Cancellation Fee request, just remind me that you are a VIP (only if you really are) as I know I get a little happy sending those requests.
    • Update as of 4th July 2015:  I are limiting your free cancellation to no more than 1 in a row.  Meaning, if you cancel twice in a row then the second time a cancellation fee is due.  If you canceled, then met a girl, then canceled again that's 'not' twice in a row so no problem.
1 - Girl entered you into the program:  This is the most common way people get into this program.  If you've seen one of us before, and we enjoyed our time with you, then you were probably already referred for inclusion into the VIP program and you are already a VIP and have been getting VIP service ever since and you might not even know it!  Past clients should just ask, we'll tell you.

2 - Friend Referred you:  We get a lot of friends who refer their other friends or co-workers to us.  If are one of the many people who was referred by a friend who is a VIP, all you have to do is ask them to email us and mention you.

Warning though, if for any reason you get kicked out of the VIP Program, the friend that referred you gets kicked out too!  So be careful who you refer!

3 - $100 USD Returnable Deposit:  If you haven't previously met any of us before, but want to be entered into the program, you can pay a $100 USD deposit to be almost immediately entered into the program. This deposit is deducted from the amount you pay the girl when you meet her so this is really FREE since you will be paying the girl 3,000 baht less (approximately $100 less) when you meet her.

Notice that  I say 'almost' immediate access as we might require a short 1-minute video interview with you to verify your identity before we allow you in. Don't send money if you aren't ok with this as we will hold your money until you are willing or able to do this.

Remember, VIPs don't pay cancellation fees, so even if you have to cancel your booking, we won't request any cancellation fee like regular clients.  Furthermore, we will still return your 3,000 baht the next time you schedule and see a girl even if it's a different girl and even if it's several months or years later--we've been in business for 8 years and should be around for awhile longer.

If any emergency and the girl cancels, we will give the VIP the option of selecting another girl.  You can also select to see no one this time and remain in the VIP program for another date or exit the program and have their $100 returned in full--if you paid via the refundable option, but this ONLY if the girl cancels (NOT if you cancel).
  • Anyone wanting to schedule a girl in advance.
    • However, we recommend you complete the booking form 1st to make sure she is even available on the dates you want.
  • Anyone wanting to engage in a frequent email conversation with a girl prior to their meeting.  Most questions can be answered at the site, so if the email count is over 10 back and forth then you should really join the VIP Program.  We find from experience that 'serious' clients join the VIP Program or just send a few emails to setup a meeting and meet the girl without a ton of back and forth emails.  Clients who do NOT join the join, have not seen a girl before, and are sending A LOT of emails usually end up not really seeing anyone and wasting our time--I keep good data which proves this (so yell at the numbers, not me).
Who should REALLY REALLY join the VIP program
  • Anyone wanting to assure guarantee their meeting as we only guarantee VIPs.
  • Anyone wanting to schedule us for several days, in advance.
  • Anyone wanting to schedule us for any period of time, in advance of more than a week.
  • Anyone wanting to schedule more than one girl.
  • Anyone wanting the girl to travel to meet them.
  • Anyone talking about sponsoring us when they haven't even met us yet.
    • It shows you might be serious and not just talking shit.  And our data shows that clients that have never met a girl, are very unlikely to really sponsor a girl.  Join the VIP or at least meet her first before talking about sponsoring.
  • Anyone from India, Pakistan, or neighboring countries.
    • Very sorry to have to mention this, but many escorts refuse to meet clients from India or neighboring countries because too many problems.  We don't want to discriminate so we have resisted the temptation to ban clients from these countries, but it would make us feel more comfortable knowing you were a VIP, so we strongly encourage clients from these countries to join.  We are more likely to agree to see you if you are a VIP and we will feel more comfortable also.
    •  We keep very very good records so we are only talking about what the data shows.  There are many problems, but the most common of which is cancellations as clients from these countries cancel more often than they end up meeting us so often times we will just say we put them on the calendar and we won't or if we do we won't mark the date as busy as we know chances are they'll cancel anyway.  If you join the VIP program you can be sure we'll put you on the calendar and we marked that date as.
    • Clients from these countries please be aware that some girls might require you be a VIP and still limit the meeting to short-time so they can see how you get along with them before they'll agree to extending it to medium or long-time.  A few girls might also still refuse to meet you so inquire before you join.
  • Repeat clients because you are probably already in it!  Just contact us and request free access to the VIP area.
  • People who do not intend to ever see any of the girls.
    • We have some people join just to join and get better support and access to more pictures.  Thanks for the support, but I really don't think it's worth it to join if you never intend to see any of us.  There are some more interesting pictures in the VIP Picture galleries yes and we will answer your emails better true, but not sure that's worth joining the VIP program, but we do appreciate the support of those that have joined only to help support this site and access the VIP area.
  • If you plan to see one of the girls today, meeting at your hotel, with the initial meeting occurring during regular hours and she doesn't have to travel far then you probably won't benefit much from joining the program in advance, but it can't hurt either.
  • If you don't see any girls you like and just want access to more girls to make a choice--this is not the why we created the VIP program and not what those few extra girls are for.
    • If you are a repeat client, you are probably already in the program and if not then you are probably banned from the program so you don't need to apply either way.  I ban people every chance I get!  Hahaha!!!  I want our service to be exclusive and not for idiots, but don't worry as if you are banned, you know exactly why.  Justified complaints I welcome and respect, but idiotic behavior I won't tolerate as I hope you don't find out.

    • New clients can send payment (3,000 baht or $100 USD your choice) via Pp but please contact us for detailed instructions on how to do so before you attempt to send.  This is the preferred method as any problems with your booking, we can return the money to you very easily.  Please understand that this is only refundable if 'we' cancel the booking for any reason--not if you cancel.

    • We can now also accept Bitcoins which is a very discreet method of making payment. (3,000 baht or $100 USD)

    • You can make payment by purchasing a $100 USD (not less but we will count it as 3,000 baht) Amazon Gift Card here.  You must purchase the gift card from the US Amazon store since there is no Thai store and not from any other country Amazon sites--the link above will direct you to the US site.  Note:  This option is non-refundable for any reason as Amazon won't let us refund the gift card or even transfer it so we recommend the other options listed.

      • Send the gift card to Tara at  I recommend you COPY & PASTE this so you not make a mistake in the email address!
      • Put your name in the message area of the gift card but don't mention much else please.

    • Please email me to notify me about the gift card immediately after you send it.  Particularly important for the gift cards as a lot come in of them which I have no idea who they are from!

    • You will be notified within 24 hours that the card has been received and that you are in the VIP program and able to enjoy all the benefits.  If you don't hear from me within 24 hours, please contact me again.

    • PLEASE be aware it takes up to 1 day for the cards to arrive--Amazon will tell you that it normally takes 5 minutes, but this has been found to be usually untrue.  I will NOT make you a VIP until Amazon sends notification.  You don't need to bother sending YOUR notification as it doesn't matter until Amazon sends me their notification.  Allow up to 24 hours for this to occur as while Amazon usually sends within a few minutes, many come up to about 24 hours after the client claims to have sent.  If you want faster guarantee then please use the other two options listed.

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    Mature Oon's VIP Client Information: 46 year old Bangkok escort.

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